Friday, February 4, 2011

Special Thanks

Where to start...

I'm just going to get right into it.  This is going to be the biggest thank you ever written.  Stefanie Ponting from her own business Middle of July Photography is awesome.

Stefanie emailed me one day asking about working together.  She found my little Etsy shop and was wondering if I was interested in her taking pictures for me.  I was thrilled with this!  This was exactly what I was looking for and here's a lady coming to me!  Well, we talked, I threw her some ideas of what I would like to see happen and we struck a deal.

She came a few days later to pick up my items.  I asked her to sign a receipt with all the items she was going to take...  She asked me 'why do I don't swindle you?'  Well yes to be honest!  She of course did not say this with any ill intentions and she was more then willing to do so and thought it was a good idea also.  I explained to her that I had been seriously taken advantage of before with this kind of thing and was merely trying to protect my self.  You see, our "lawyer" (she wasn't even a paralegal, she clearly lied to us about this as well!) ran away with the money of the sale of our house...  So, $185,000 was gone...  We were floored!  But this is a whole other blog...

So away my items went, with a nearly perfect stranger.  Needless to say I was still a little worried.  But Stefanie contacted me a few times to ask questions, and I asked many in return.  She had quite a few pictures for me with in a few days.  I was thrilled!  I wanted to ask her if she could do a few focusing on my item.  She called them product shots...  Can you tell I'm no photographer?  lol  She had all my items done that same day I asked that of her!

As she started getting more models in I noticed that my sizing may not be quite right because her models were older then then the size on my stuff.  So she offered to put ages on all the models for me under the pictures she'd already given me.  She had this done with in an hour or so to!

It's a rare thing these days to find some one so genuine and honest.  She does great work and has gotten many many amazing pictures for me and fast!  She is so great to work with, and I look forward to working with her for much much longer.  I find her easy to talk to about any thing that concerns me to do with our work together.  She's very easy going.

Stefanie Ponting from Middle of July Photography, you are amazing.  That doesn't even seem to cut it!  Thank you isn't enough, but...  Thank you!  :)!/Stefanie.Ponting

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