Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Update On What I've Been Up To :)

Hello Everyone!

It's been a long time!  So I will give you all an update :)

I recently held my 1000 fan celebration.  I had an auction to raise funds for Southern Ontario Animal Rescue.  This rescue helped me out so much with getting my wonderful dog healthy again (helping to find out what was wrong with her), and finding her a new amazing home.  The lady who runs the rescue (Jan) is truly amazing at what she does, so I wanted give back.  I miss my dog terribly but I know she is in a great home thanks to Jan!  With my auction and the vendors involved we were able to donate over $100.  Thank you again to all who were involved!

The month of June has proved to be very trying.  I closed my little shop to custom orders for a few reasons.  I needed to catch up, Canada Post was on strike, I needed time to get some of my pattern designs down on paper, and I need to get working on my top secret project.  Plus I was going away for a few days to Windsor.  The day I got home from Windsor I was supposed to have all four wisdom teeth removed so I wanted some recovery time.  However my surgery was cancelled (for about 6 months).  On the Sunday I was in Windsor I got Bells Palsy.  So half my face is paralyzed.  99% of cases it get's better but it takes a few weeks.  So I'm trying not to get too down about it.

Needless to say I am very glad I have closed my shop for a short time.  It's given me personal time that has been a life saver.  Thank you to all my fans for being so understanding in my need for time off.  I am very much looking forward to coming back with lot's of great new things!

I'm also looking forward to moving this weekend!  We will be the care takers of an income property that my mother has purchased.  So we are upgrading to a 3 (3!!!  3 whole bedrooms!!!) apartment!  This is exciting for me because we are currently in a one bedroom basement apartment.  It's been great but, way way too small for a family of three!  Currently my son has the only bedroom, so my husband and I get to sleep on a futon in the living room.  So...  Not ideal ;)  So I am very much looking forward to having 3 bedrooms!

Also I have breeding pair of cockatiels that have laid and hatched 2 babies!  I am very excited about this.  I have wanted to raise cockatiels for a while now so I'm very very happy about this :)
It's very dirty because the Parents weren't letting me in!
2 Babies barely visible but here's the fam!

Anyway.  I hope you all have enjoyed the read!  I am hoping to have some giveaways on my blog soon.  So suggestions would be great!  :)

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